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All FSU students, faculty, and/or staff participating in a university-related international experience including study, research, internships, service-learning, or conference attendance must read the applicable travel policies and meet all the requirements.

Please note as of March 2020 all FSU-related domestic (out of the state) and international travel is restricted. Under these restrictions, travel exceptions must be approved by a Vice-President.

  • FSU Faculty/Staff must submit a travel exception request to the appropriate Vice-President for approval.
  • Organized programs (i.e. International Programs and the Center for Global Engagement) must submit a travel exception request to the International Travel, Safety, and Risk Advisory Council for approval.
  • Individual students must submit a travel exception request by following these steps:
    • Step 1: All students seeking an exception for independent travel should first contact their Dean’s office. Requests for independent on-site internships or research projects must first be approved by the relevant academic Dean, who considers the academic merit and need for the placement. Colleges may have prepared their own form for review. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies is the Dean for students who are not in upper division majors and colleges.
    • Step 2 (research proposals only): Once approved by the Dean, a student with a research proposal that includes travel to an off-site location, both domestic and international sites, should submit a travel request to the OVPR Travel Research Committee. This committee reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Vice-President for Research in regard to approval. If approved by the OVPR committee, the student should complete the next step for approval by the International Travel Oversight Committee.
    • Step 3 (all student international travel): Any student travel exception requests for international travel, after approval by the Dean and/or OVPR Travel Research Committee, also need to be reviewed by the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC). The ITOC reviews the risk of travel abroad and the host location risks, and makes a recommendation to the Provost/ Vice-President for Academic Affairs in regard to approval. A COVID-19 Safety Plan and additional high-risk waiver are required.
    • Step 4 (all student international travel): Any approved student international traveler needs to complete the travel registration, and enroll in the required international health insurance (https://global.fsu.edu/travel-policy/student-travel-policy ).

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