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Applying for an Exemption to Travel to a Country with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory “Level 3-Reconsider Travel"

Any university-sponsored program, group or individual, planning to travel to a location with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory of “Level 3- Reconsider Travel” will need to complete the following listed below prior to submitting a Student International Experience Plan (SIEP). Travel to areas designated as “Level 4- Do Not Travel” will not be reviewed or granted exemptions.

  • At least three weeks prior to departure: Complete an Exemption Request for Travel to Locations with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory.
  • If an exemption is granted, the students must complete the Student International Experience Plan (SIEP) and all supporting SIEP documents as well as sign a location-specific waiver acknowledging specific aspects of travel to the Travel Advisory location.

Note: Students who are traveling to a country in which they hold citizenship are not required to request an exemption, but are required to complete a SIEP.

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