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The Graduate School at Florida State University provides advice and assistance to graduate students in every academic program at the Florida State University and it collaborates with many non-academic units to enhance the student educational experience. At Florida State University, we believe it is important to promote respect and openness toward different cultures, interdisciplinary collaboration with faculty and students from all over the world, and recognition of the interdependency of world issues and events. The Graduate School collaborates with FSU’s academic programs to attract international and domestic graduate students to our campus who want to be part of and contribute to an environment that celebrates diversity and intercultural competence. FSU doctoral and master’s graduates may work abroad or in organizations with transnational affiliates or customers. With the exponential growth of global industries and corporations, preparing to live and work with people from diverse cultural origins is essential.

Of FSU’s 7,972 graduate students, 16% (1,309) are international students representing 88 countries. International students are enrolled throughout Florida State University’s graduate programs, with the greatest number in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics. For both prospective and current international graduate students, the Graduate School’s Center for Intensive English Studies (CIES) offers programs and workshops that help students develop and polish their English language and intercultural communication skills.

Throughout the year, the Graduate School partners with other campus units to provide a variety of opportunities for all graduate students from different disciplines, cultures, and experiences to network and increase their understanding of others’ world views—through orientation breakout and table-top sessions; interactive workshops led by a diverse group of faculty; bi-annual teaching conferences for prospective and/or new teaching assistants; an interdisciplinary scholarly integrity course featuring award-winning faculty and focusing on collaborative teamwork; and seminars designed to assist students who apply for external funding and awards. By participating in Graduate School programs, students develop networks across disciplines and cultures that promote an appreciation of differences and an atmosphere of inclusivity at Florida State University.

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