Student Support

The FSU Center for Global Engagement provides participants with assistance and support, from the earliest stages of the application process and pre-arrival, through their arrival and first weeks on campus, and eventually, all the way through their first year on campus, including the process of applying for the Master's in Science degree program. Other Center for Global Engagement staff members also provide additional support to participants in this program in a variety of areas, including visa and immigration assistance.


  • Help students complete the FSU admissions process, get Medical clearance, and provide the documents and instructions needed to complete the immigration process, including the visa interview, required to enter the U.S.
  • Make all of the meal and housing arrangements, purchase and prepare all of the items students will need for the first night in their new room (bedding, shower curtain etc.), so that when new students arrive, they walk into a room that is ready for them to have a good night's rest.

Upon Arrival

  • Meet students as they exit the secure wing of the airport in Tallahassee, greet them warmly and in true FSU Seminole-style, assist with luggage and transport students to the FSU campus.
  • Provide Students with orientation to FSU, and a campus tour, as well as an introduction to the services offered through the Center for Global Engagement, and other types of sports, music, service, social and cultural activities which students may participate in at FSU.
  • A Peer Mentor picks up students at the Tallahassee airport and drop off at SouthGate Campus Center. (See more about Peer Mentors below).

Ongoing Support

  • The Program Director, FSU International Initiatives and the Student Services Coordinator are available to assist students throughout their Special Academic Program. The Program Director, FSU International Initiatives will provide support for anything concerning academic matters, including concerns that may arise in classes, difficulties with Blackboard, and course registration. The Student Services Coordinator is the first point of contact for students regarding non-academic matters, including life in at FSU, housing, access to student activities including football tickets, etc. The Special Programs staff are privileged to celebrate with students all the positive things that are experienced at FSU as well as help them when problems arise. Homemade treats from the U.S. are sometimes provided, along with a kind and respectful listening ear!
  • Dinner with Peer Mentors and/or Special Programs staff on special occasions.
  • Organize regular shopping opportunities to Wal-Mart and the Asian grocery stores in town and organize occasional activities on campus and around Tallahassee with Peer Mentors.

The Role of the Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors join the team of people committed to ensuring that students have every opportunity to integrate into life in the United States. Peer Mentors participate in New Student Orientation and help introduce new students to life at FSU. The typical Peer Mentor is an upper level FSU student who is knowledgeable about FSU, is interested in learning about other cultures and has experience traveling abroad. They offer their own unique perspectives on U.S. culture and FSU life. They also facilitate activities and excursions designed to help the Center for Global Engagement achieve its goal of seeing Special Academic Program students integrated into campus life and every-day interactions with FSU students. They may even become your best friend.


Program participants live in SouthGate Campus Center which is conveniently located adjacent Florida State University campus. This residence hall houses approximately 520 students. Each student has a bed, a wardrobe and a desk for his/her personal use.

There are several helpful amenities located within the SouthGate complex, including a dining hall, fitness center, study rooms, and a lounge with games and computers available for all residents. Students have unlimited access to wholesome meals at the SouthGate Dining Hall during university term time.

Students living at SouthGate benefit from the assistance of Resident Advisors,who are available to answer questions, address concerns, and educate students on all the traditions of college life and FSU. Throughout the year SouthGate offers a variety of programs, events, and socials, which enable SAP students to easily meet and interact with domestic students.

Due to SouthGate's convenient location, just steps away from FSU, students can easily walk to classes on the main campus. SouthGate is located within a short walk (less than 643 meters/0.4 miles) to FSU’s main library, called Strozier, where there are several floors of quiet space to study. Additionally, there is a bus stop directly outside SouthGate where students can use the Seminole Express, FSU's free transportation service, to travel to the College of Engineering and downtown Tallahassee.