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In an effort to prepare all of its students to be Global Ready Graduates, Florida State University is committed to internationalizing the campus and increasing the links between domestic and international students. FSU’s Special Academic Programs are an exciting and rapidly growing initiative designed to further this strategic goal. In addition, the program is designed to enrich FSU’s graduate program by improving the quality and quantity of international candidates for graduate study.

The Special Academic Programs allow rising seniors from select international partner institutions to study at FSU for two semesters as non-degree students during their senior year. Credits earned at FSU transfer to their home institutions allowing students to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

One of the primary advantages of these programs is that they identify highly qualified candidates for graduate studies and provide those students with the opportunity to remain at FSU as degree-seeking students upon completion of the special academic program and acceptance into the graduate degree program. Students interested in study for a master’s degree will need to apply for graduate admissions and meet the program’s admission requirements to be accepted into the graduate program. These programs have been extremely successful, with 100% of participants going on to graduate school in the United States and with a high percentage of students remaining at FSU for an MS degree in their chosen field and then staying on as PhD students.

Benefits for Students

International students interested in pursuing graduate studies in the United States benefit from these programs in many ways:

  • Participants are able to study in upper division undergraduate classes with domestic students. In doing so they are immersed in English-language and American culture and are able to interact with American and international classmates.
  • Participants become fully integrated into the academic and social life of their academic departments, which provides a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate studies at FSU.
  • Participants have the opportunity to work closely with FSU’s high-caliber faculty, often in small group setting or on an optional individualized research project.
  • Participants receive dedicated academic and non-academic support from staff at the Center for Global Engagement who strive to ensure the transition to a U.S. academic intuition of higher learning is as smooth as possible.
  • Participants may be able to transfer a specified number of credit hours earned during the Special Academic Program into a Master of Science program, allowing them to complete their Master of Science program in 2-3 additional semesters (see Current Programs for more information about this).

How the Program Works

Students intending to apply for the Special Academic Program must meet all of the eligibility requirements of the program. Please go to Current Programs to find out the options.

Students pay a comprehensive program fee, in lieu of tuition, during the two-semester non-degree program. The program fee covers the cost of room and meals, FSU fees, instructional support for the academic departments, and services provided by the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) and the Center for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD).

Students who successfully complete the program and meet all of the admission requirements to enter the graduate program may apply for graduate admission and become degree-seeking students upon acceptance into the program. Students pay out-of-state tuition, and they are expected to be self-supporting during the graduate program. However, they may apply to the appropriate Florida Linkage Institute for tuition waivers or be eligible to receive university support through the normal departmental mechanisms (e.g., teaching and research assistantships). Acceptance into the Special Academic Program does not guarantee acceptance into the Master program, however, successful participants in the Special Academic Program will be well-positioned to earn a place in the Graduate program.

For FSU Departments

Academic departments may establish Special Academic Programs to attract highly-qualified international students from select partner institutions to complete their senior year at Florida State University as long as the following requirements are met. Read more ...

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