Required Documents for Students Participating in a Global Exchange Program at one of FSU’s Exchange Partner Universities

FSU Global Exchanges Application Online

To apply for an exchange program, students must submit an online application after selecting their intended program (click here for program search). As part of the online application, students must receive written approval for proposed classes to be taken on their exchange program on the Course Approval Form, found in the online application.  Students should not contact the exchange university directly until after notified of FSU’s acceptance to the program.


Passports take approximately six weeks to process. Visit the Passport Services website for fee information and application forms. You will need your passport before applying for a visa.


Depending on which country you are planning to visit, you may also need a visa which is attached to your passport and allows you to enter a foreign nation. Look through the State Department's Country-Specific Information to find information about your destination. You can research the entry and exit requirements, get more details about necessary documentation, and find out how to apply.

Flight Itinerary

Please book your flight only after you've been officially accepted with a letter directly from your host university.

Registration with the Embassy

Go to the State Department's Travel Registration site to inform the embassy of your location in your country. This will help the embassy locate you when you might need them the most.

Acknowledgement of Risk, Verification of Insurance & General Release Form

Complete the Acknowledgement of Risk, Verification of Insurance, and General Release Form assuming full responsibility for the decision to travel and waiving Florida State University and all of its related entities of any liability. Students must meet the university's international health insurance requirements. When participating in an exchange, you also must continue to meet Florida State University health insurance requirements for on-campus students. The Registrar will recognize you as an enrolled student.


Once you are accepted into an exchange, you will receive information on how to submit these additional required documents.

Read more about FSU's travel requirements and find additional resources for travel.

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