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Université de Strasbourg, EM Strasbourg Business School: Strasbourg, France

This international exchange is currently available to five graduate or undergraduate students in the College of Business.

University Population

StrasbourgStudents: 42,261
Researchers: 4000








What would I be studying?

Students conduct on-site research and engage in classroom discussion on international business and doing business in France.

How can I study at the EM Strasbourg Business School as an Exchange Student?

Students enroll and pay Florida State University tuition and fees, and tuition and fees are waived at the host university. All participants must be currently enrolled and degree-seeking students in good standing with all academic credit earned at the host institution being credited to The Florida State University. A student participating in the exchange must be in attendance at Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange.

  1. To participate in this exchange you must be a FSU College of Business student. Contact Florida State University College of Business Academic Advisor for this International Exchange, Dr. Ruby Lee, who will direct you through the department's selection process for outgoing reciprocal exchange students at Florida State University. If you are a student at Florida State University in another department, your application and course selection will also need to be approved by your department faculty advisor.
  2. Complete the Application for outgoing reciprocal exchange student at The Florida State University, including authorizing signatures.
  3. There will be an application form for the EM Strasbourg Business School as well. Once your application has been evaluated by the EM Strasbourg Business School, you will receive an acceptance letter.
  4. Required documents for students participating in an international exchange at Florida State University



Registration window for 2011-2012 university year opens mid-July.

Academic Calendar

The Fall semester is the mid September to mid December. The Spring semester is mid January to late April.

Financial Aid and the EM Strasbourg Business School's Academic Calendar

FSU students going to EM Strasbourg Business School's Fall semester (mid September to mid December) or Spring semester (mid January to late April) and who have been awarded financial aid will have their aid disbursed within a week of the start of classes at EM Strasbourg. You may be eligible for a tuition deferment if your FSU tuition is due prior to this date.

How do I secure a student visa?

Students will need to register with the local CampusFrance office in order to be able to apply for admission and obtain a student visa. After the on-line application has been completed mail in a copy of your acceptance letter (or pre-enrollment letter) from EM Strasbourg Business School. To obtain a visa, make an appointment with the nearest French consulate or with the visa service of the French embassy in the U.S. Make early contact with the French consulate, familiarize yourself with the list of documents to be submitted and note whether they need to be translated or authenticated. If your program is shorter than 6 months, you will receive a temporary student visa. Temporary student visas may not be renewed or converted into long-term student visas.

Accommodations- Where would I live?

After choosing your curriculum, the next important step is to find a roof. The accommodation market in Strasbourg is just as difficult as in the rest of France. It is therefore important to get well ahead with your search several months before the start of the academic year. Different types of accommodations are available: take the time to decide on your needs and priorities.  The Centre régional des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires (CROUS) offers rooms and studio apartments in halls of residence, as well as a few two-room apartments for couples. Unfortunately, the CROUS does not have sufficient accommodation to meet the total demand, whether it is from foreign or French students. Although the CROUS reserves a significant part of its accommodation for foreign students (around 30%), it is not possible to satisfy a large number of demands, especially those from students who have a applied to come to the University of Strasbourg on an individual basis and not through an exchange program. The CROUS gives priority to the following foreign students: exchange program students and students receiving French or foreign government grants that are managed by the CROUS or the CNOUS or EGIDE.  To make an accommodation application, please consult the CROUS internet site between 15th January and 30th April and fill in the Dossier social étudiant (DSE). The CROUS international relations service will send you an application form, which you should return before 30th June. The CROUS will inform you of its decision by mid July.

Health Care

In addition to meeting the health insurance requirements for Florida State University students participating in international exchanges students will need to apply for national student health plan. The French system of health insurance reimburses a portion of participants' medical expenses in return for an annual contribution of 192 Euros. Payment of the student Health care fees is mandatory.


StrasbourgThe University of Strasbourg is the largest university in France with over 42,000 students including 9,000 international students from over 100 countries. The EM Strasbourg Business School is a member of the prestigious Conférence des Grandes Écoles consortium.  In the 2010-2011 academic year, EM Strasbourg has 2,280 students enrolled including 861 students in the Grande Ecole Program. Some 250 French students are spending a year abroad in 2010-2011 and conversely EM Strasbourg will welcome 350 international students. EM Strasbourg currently has 158 exchange program agreements with universities in 52 countries.

The fields of specialization at EM Strasbourg include Decision and Intelligent Marketing, Negotiation and Commercial Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategic and Operational Marketing, Finance, Audit Accounting, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. The school offers 25-30 classes per year in English in these fields. In 2010, the EM Strasbourg academic rating by L'Express was rated 9th out of 41 schools.

Services offered to students include access to libraries, local discount on tickets for the movies, the theatre, the opera, museums and concerts, computer and language labs, sport-related activities, medical services and access to subsidized meals at university restaurants and cafeterias.

Strasbourg is the 7th largest city in France with 275,000 inhabitants. The city hosts three major European Institutions: the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court Of Human Rights.

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