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Southwest University of Political Science and Law: Chongqing, China

This international exchange is currently available to two students in the College of Law.SWU

University Population

Students: 20,000

What would I be studying?

Students will study at Yubei campus and receive instruction and engage in classroom discussion on the general practice of law, including business law, in China. Classes are offered in English.

How can I study at Southwest University of Political Science and Law as an Exchange Student?

Students enroll and pay Florida State University tuition and fees, and tuition and fees are waived at the host university. All participants must be currently enrolled and degree-seeking students in good standing with all academic credit earned at the host institution being credited to Florida State University. A student participating in the exchange must be in attendance at Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange.

To participate in this exchange you must be in the College of Law Study Abroad Program.

  1. Contact Florida State University College of Law Academic Advisor for this International Exchange, Dr. David Landau.
  2. Complete the Application for outgoing reciprocal exchange student at Florida State University, including authorizing signatures.
  3. There will also be an application form for Southwest University of Political Science and Law will require a transcript. Once your application has been evaluated you will receive an acceptance letter.
  4. Required documents for students participating in an international exchange at Florida State University.



Check with the Law School Associate Dean for International Programs for application dates.

Academic Calendar

The Fall semester is early September to late December. The Spring semester is early March to late June.

Financial Aid and Southwest University of Political Science and Law’s Academic Calendar

FSU students going to Southwest University of Political Science and Law’s Fall semester (early September-late December) or Spring semester (early March-late June) and who have been awarded financial aid will have their aid disbursed within a week of the start of classes at SWUPL. You may be eligible for a tuition deferment if your FSU tuition is due prior to this date.

How do I secure a student visa?

Southwest University of Political Science and Law will send a visa application form and the letter of admission. Students can take these two documents to get their visa. It is recommended that students apply for the F visa for a six month stay. If this cannot be achieved, student can apply for the three month visa and after they arrive in China the host university will assist students in getting the six month visa.

Accommodations- Where would I live? What is the cost of Living?

Campus accommodations include two students in one room. The cost is 400 RMB for one student for one month. The accommodations include a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and air conditioning. The University can also help students rent off-campus apartments.

Health Care

Meeting the health insurance requirements for Florida State University students participating in international exchanges will ensure that you have met the Southwest University of Political Science and Law requirements for health insurance.


Southwest University of Political Science and Law was founded during the reconstruction of China’s higher education institutions in 1952. In 1978, the University was accredited as a key university by the State Council and was one of the first key universities to enroll students from all over China. The University has 20,000 students on two campuses in Shapingba and Yubei. The University consists of 11 schools, 17 bachelor’s degree programs, 28 master’s degree programs, one primary discipline for PhD programs, 11 secondary disciplines for PhD programs, one national-level key discipline, 4 provincial-level key disciplines and one post-doctorate mobile station of Law. The University currently publishes two academic periodicals: Modern Law and The Learned Journal of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, one of which Modern Law is on the list of the key National Chinese Language Periodicals and won the National Periodical award, the highest Chinese periodical award and the first national excellent execution of CAJ-CD Model award in 2003. Fifty years since the foundation of the University, they have educated nearly 10,000 high ranking specialized personnel and is one of the Chinese universities in higher education that has provided the most law personnel for the country. The graduates from the University are recognized for their specialized knowledge background and practical work style. A large number of alumni have become the leading figures in the law field and other professions, among which 38 have held provincial or ministerial leadership positions, 15 have been honored the title of “National Ten Young Jurists” and 21 honored as “Chief Justice” and “Chief Prosecutor” since the first appointment of the Chief Justice and Chief Prosecutor in 2002.

Yubei Campus Map