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University of Groningen School of Law: Groningen, The Netherlands

This international exchange is currently available to two students in the College of Law.

University Population

Students: 27,000
Faculty: 5,550

What would I be studying?

Students will receive instruction and engage in classroom discussion on the general practice of law, including business law, in Europe. Groningen School of Law offers five specialized programs for graduates in law who wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge of a specific field of law:

  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • European Law
  • International and Comparative Private Law
  • International Economic and Business Law
  • International Law and the Law of International Organizations and Human Rights

Classes are offered in English (the majority of Dutch speak English).

How can I study at the University of Groningen School of Law as an Exchange Student?

Students enroll and pay Florida State University tuition and fees, and tuition and fees are waived at the host university. All participants must be currently enrolled and degree-seeking students in good standing with all academic credit earned at the host institution being credited to The Florida State University. A student participating in the exchange must be in attendance at Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange.

To participate in this exchange you must be in the College of Law Study Abroad Program.

  1. Contact Florida State University College of Law Academic Advisor for the International Exchange, Dr. David Landau, who will direct you through the college's selection process for outgoing reciprocal exchange students at Florida State University.
  2. Complete the Application for outgoing reciprocal exchange student at The Florida State University, including authorizing signatures.
  3. There will also be an application form for Groningen School of Law. Once your application has been evaluated by Groningen School of Law you will receive an acceptance letter.
  4. Required documents for students participating in an international exchange at The Florida State University.



Check with the Law School Associate Dean for International Programs for application dates.

Academic Calendar

Semester 1 is early September to late December. Semester 2 is early February to mid July.

Financial Aid and the University of Groningen School of Law’s Academic Calendar

FSU students going to University of Groningen’s Fall semester (early September-late December) or Spring semester (early February-mid July) and who have been awarded financial aid will have their aid disbursed within a week of the start of classes at Groningen. You may be eligible for a tuition deferment if your FSU tuition is due prior to this date.

How do I secure a student visa?

Students who are citizens of the United States do not need a visa before leaving for the Netherlands. If you will be staying for longer than three months, you will apply for a residence permit once you arrive by presenting a number of documents and pay a fee.

Accommodations- Where would I live? What is the cost of Living?

Most exchange students will be housed in one of the international student houses (single and double, fully furnished rooms, shared kitchen, fully equipped, and bathroom facilities). The rent per month ranges from €210 for shared accommodation to €350 for a large single room. It is important to know that the registration costs are €300 and the deposit costs are €325. Paying the reservation costs does not guarantee accommodation in Groningen but if there are no more rooms available in the international student houses, the Housing Office will look for rooms through private accommodation agencies. If students would like to apply for housing through the University of Groningen, they should fill out the application form for housing. The name of the contact person for exchange students is Ms. Astrid van Dort. The procedure usually takes approximately six weeks.

Expenses incurred by the average student are:


€ 325

per month

Personal expenses

€ 125

per month


€ 300

per month

The costs above are calculated for the average person and subject to change according to variations in exchange rates. All students must have sufficient funds to cover their daily expenses during the period they are on the exchange program.

Buy a bike
In Groningen everybody rides a bike. Students can buy secondhand bicycles at several locations in Groningen: bicycle shop, market, central train station. During the university introduction there will also be possibilities to buy a bicycle. Please always make sure to invest in a good lock.

Health Care

Meeting the health insurance requirements for Florida State University students participating in international exchanges will ensure that you have met the University of Groningen requirements for health insurance.


Ever since its establishment in 1614 the University of Groningen has been educating people to serve society. All this knowledge and experience has stimulated the University to become what it is now: a modern, international university where work is being carried out at the frontiers of knowledge. It is a university with its own character. This is partly due to its geographical situation in the north of the country. The University is bold enough to be different: sober, but inventive; reliable, but surprising; solid, but prepared to accept challenges. The University of Groningen not only admitted the first-ever female student in the country but also produced the first Dutch space traveler: pioneering is a trait that is fundamental to this university. People talk to one another in Groningen: researchers from various disciplines cooperate and arrive at achievements that are recognized as belonging to the international top. Staff and students are engaged in educational renewal: the University and the commercial sector are in close contact. Above all, Groningen is a convivial city, a magnet to students. They keep the University and the city youthful. The University of Groningen is a classical university that knows the challenges of the future.