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Griffith University: Brisbane, Australia

This international exchange is currently available to two students in the College of Law and two graduate or undergraduate students in the College of Social Work.

University Population

Students: 37,000
Faculty: 1,302

What would I be studying?

Law students will take courses at Griffith University that include international law, business and trade, human rights and jurisprudence.  Griffith also emphasizes law of the western Pacific rim countries. Social Work students will take courses in social problems in Australia and Pacific Rim countries. Course Catalog.

How can I study at Griffith University as an Exchange Student?

Students enroll and pay Florida State University tuition and fees, and tuition and fees are waived at the host university. All participants must be currently enrolled and degree-seeking students in good standing with all academic credit earned at the host institution being credited to Florida State University. A student participating in the exchange must be in attendance at Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange.

To participate in this exchange you must be in the College of Law Study Abroad Program.

  1. Contact Florida State University College of Law Academic Advisor for this International Exchange, Dr. David Landau   or FSU College of Social Work Academic Advisor for this International Exchange, Dr. Dina Wilke  who will direct you through the college's selection process for outgoing reciprocal exchange students at Florida State University.
  2. Complete the Application for outgoing reciprocal exchange student at Florida State University, including authorizing signatures.
  3. There will also be a Study Abroad Application form for Griffith University which will require a transcript. Once your application has been evaluated by Griffith you will receive an acceptance letter.
  4. Required documents for students participating in an international exchange at Florida State University.



Law students should check with the Law School Associate Dean for International Programs for application dates.

Academic Calendar

Semester 1 is late February March to late June. Semester 2 is late July to mid November. Current Academic Calendar.

Financial Aid and Griffith University’s Academic Calendar

FSU students going to Griffith University’s Fall semester (late July-mid November) and who have been awarded financial aid will have their aid disbursed within a week of the start of classes at FSU. FSU students going to Griffith University’s Spring semester (late February-late June) and who have been awarded financial aid will have their aid disbursed within a week of the start of classes at Griffith. You may be eligible for a tuition deferment if your FSU tuition is due prior to this date.

How do I secure a student visa?

All international students must obtain a student visa to study in Australia. For information please refer to your Letter of Offer and contact your nearest Australian Diplomatic Mission. More information

Accommodations- Where would I live? What is the cost of Living?

You can apply for three types of accommodations: 1) On-campus residences, 2) Homestay with an Australian Family, 3) Off-campus accommodation

Cost of Living in Brisbane




per week

Personal expenses and local transportation


per week



per week


The costs above are calculated for the average person and subject to change according to variations in exchange rates. All students must have sufficient funds to cover their daily expenses during the period they are on the exchange program.

Health Care

In addition to meeting the health insurance requirements for Florida State University students participating in international exchanges students will need to obtain and maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your studies in Australia. You will be required to pay your OSHC to Griffith University when you accept your offer to attend Griffith. Griffith will only release your enrollment documentation, required for your visa application, after payment for OSHC is received. You will be charged $185 per semester* (fees are subject to change). Students not wanting the university to arrange their coverage, may do so independently with one of these four health insurance providers in Australia. However, Griffith University International Office staff will require you to provide proof of coverage.


Griffith University has more than 36 000 students on five campuses in the Brisbane – Gold Coast region, on the east coast of Australia in the state of Queensland. It is the ideal location to combine study with a great lifestyle. Our students come from over 114 countries and from all backgrounds. This creates an open, dynamic and multicultural study environment. As pioneers in programs such as Asian Studies and Environmental Studies, Griffith has been quick to take the lead in many disciplines and to encourage study across more than one discipline, in a clean, secure and attractive atmosphere offering first-class facilities, Griffith University students enjoy the University's commitment to academic excellence delivered by world class research teams.

Campus Map

The Law School is on the Nathan and Gold Coast Campuses. Campus maps.