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Students' Frequently Asked Questions about International Exchanges

If you’ve already experienced international education, this experience can be your next step. It can also serve as the cornerstone for those working towards the Global Pathways program.

All participants must be at Florida State University currently enrolled and degree-seeking students in good standing and must be in attendance at The Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange. We ensure that your courses at these institutions will meet academic and accreditation standards and that you receive pre-departure orientation, especially safety and security information.

All Reciprocal Exchange Students enroll and pay Florida State University tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are waived at the host university, with all academic credit earned at the host institution being credited to Florida State University.

FSU students wishing to pay tuition directly to  an FSU International Partner University (Universities listed below under  International Agreement for a Reciprocal Student Exchange and  Cooperative Agreementscan apply prior to participation to transfer credit earned at the partner university.

  • Do I have to be a major in the department that is partnering with the international university to be a Reciprocal Exchange Student?

    Yes, you must be in the specified department and the Academic Advisor listed on each partner university page will make the determination of who will participate.

  • Are the classes I take taught in English?

    They are at the Reciprocal Student Exchange Parnters, unless you are going for language study.

  • Will I fall behind in classes if I go on an exchange?


    No, with careful planning, it should keep you on track. Also, view the policies on Academic Credit and Student Exchange Participation

  • Will I be completely alone the entire trip?


    No, you will be with other international students.

  • Can I go with a friend?


    Most exchanges allow for at least two students to attend at a time though the Academic Advisor for each exchange makes the determination who will participate. Students do need to be in one of the participating majors for the exchange. You will certainly make friends with other students once you arrive.

  • How long does an Exchange Program last?


    Most FSU students go for one semester, but two semesters are often available.

  • Can I go my last semester at FSU?


    Yes if you are a Reciprocal Exchange Students, because you are enrolled in FSU courses you will meet the residency requirement.

  • How does the financial aid work?

    See Financial Aid and Student Exchange Participation for detailed information about financial aid. Your current Financial Aid package may still apply depending upon the academic calendar of the host university.

  • Are their any scholarships?

    Your current Financial Aid package may still apply depending upon the academic calendar of the host university.

    If you are an Honors Student, look into the Bess Ward Honors Travel Scholarships.

    The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society has provided scholarship funds for outgoing FSU Exchange Students. To be eligible for this $1000 competitive award you must be accepted into the FSU Reciprocal Student Exchange Program and have your Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Application of Intent Approved with the International Area is indicated on the intent.

  • Can I study in the summer?


    If the exchange partner has a summer session and enough courses offered in English, this may be a possibility.


Required Documents for Students Participating in an International Exchange at Florida State University