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Erasmus University: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This international exchange is currently available to:


University Population

Students: 21,000
Faculty: 2,090

What would I be studying?

Law students will conduct on-site research and/or enroll in classes on Dutch and European law, politics, culture, history, society and language.

Social Science and Public Policy students will conduct on-site research and engage in classroom discussion on issues concerning the political and economic developments in The Netherlands and Western Europe. Course List for the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Department of Psychology students will conduct on-site research and engage in classroom discussion on human behavior. Course List for Faculty of Social Sciences.The Facutly engage in the Problem-Based Learning teaching method, a successful and respected teaching method, yet a different way of teaching. You are expected to actively participate in lectures.

School of Communication students will conduct on-site research and engage in classroom discussion on the practice of communication and media in Western Europe. Course List for Media and Communication.

Classes are offered in English (the majority of Dutch speak English).

How can I study at Erasmus University as an Exchange Student?

Students enroll and pay Florida State University tuition and fees, and tuition and fees are waived at the host university. All participants must be currently enrolled and degree-seeking students in good standing with all academic credit earned at the host institution being credited to The Florida State University. A student participating in the exchange must be in attendance at The Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange.

To participate in this exchange you must be either in the:

  1. Contact the appropriate Florida State University Academic Advisor for this International Exchange who will direct you through the college's selection process for outgoing reciprocal exchange students at The Florida State University.:
  2. Complete the Application for outgoing reciprocal exchange student at The Florida State University, including authorizing signatures.
  3. There will also be an application form for Erasmus University which will require a transcript. Once your application has been evaluated by Erasmus you will receive an acceptance letter.
  4. Required documents for students participating in an international exchange at The Florida State University.



For College of Law students: Check with the Law School Associate Dean for International Programs for application dates.

For College of Social Science and Public Policy students: The deadline to apply to Dr. Dale Smith for the upcoming academic year is March 18; you will be notified of your selection for the program by March 31. Students interested in applying after March 18 will be considered on a space available basis. The deadline to then apply to the Erasmus Faculty of Social Sciences for the Fall semester is June 1st, and for the Spring semester it is October 15.

For Department of Psychology and School of Communication students the deadline to apply to Erasmus for the Fall semester is May 1st, and for the Spring semester it is October 1.

Academic Calendar

The Fall semester has two terms: Term 1 is early September to mid November, Term 2 is mid November to late January (arrangements can be made for exams to be taken prior to December 31). The Spring semester also has two terms: Term 3 is late January to early April, Term 4 is early April to mid June.

Financial Aid and Erasmus University’s Academic Calendar

FSU students going to Erasmus University’s Fall semester (early September-late January) or Spring semester (late January-mid June) and who have been awarded financial aid will have their aid disbursed within a week of the start of classes at Erasmus. You may be eligible for a tuition deferment if your FSU tuition is due prior to this date.

How do I secure a student visa?

Students who are citizens of the United States do not need a visa to enter the Netherlands. When you apply for your residence permit, you hand in your application and pay the fee. Instructions on visas and permits.

Accommodations- Where would I live? What is the cost of Living?

Upon deciding to study in Rotterdam you will need to find a place to live. Because Erasmus University does not have campus accommodation, a housing agency acts as an intermediary to provide rooms and apartments for international students and researchers. Additional practical information.  

Cost of Living in Rotterdam



€ 425.00

per month

Personal expenses and local transportation

€ 143.00

per month


€ 136

per month


The costs above are calculated for the average person and subject to change according to variations in exchange rates. All students must have sufficient funds to cover their daily expenses during the period they are on the exchange program.

Health Care

Meeting the health insurance requirements for The Florida State University students participating in international exchanges will ensure that you have met the Erasmus University requirements for health insurance.

Liability Insurance

The Netherlands requires all exchange students to purchase liability insurance.

For more information on Insurance please see: Insurance


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an international environment for critical academic thinking, driven by a strong focus on current social issues. Their focus is on management, organization and policy in the public and private sectors, as well as on medicine and health care. The university is conducive to multidisciplinary collaboration in education and research: where disciplines meet, knowledge is advanced.

Campus Map

campus map