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Florida State University Policy for International Experiences

Florida State University recognizes the importance of preparing students to be successful citizens in the global society of the 21st century, and supports international study and intercultural experiences as an integral part of the academic, social and cultural development process of a university education. The following policy has been developed and adopted to ensure the safety and security of all students participating in international experiences.  In addition, the policy attempts to ensure that all international programs are academically and culturally enriching experiences. 

Florida State University Policy For International Experiences

Implementing the Policy

As per the Florida State University Policy for International Experiences, faculty and staff advisors will need to ensure that they work with their students to ensure that the policy is understood and followed.

If the international experience is administered through International Programs, proceed with their policies. Faculty initiating a for-credit international student experience and students (with departmental approval) enrolling in a Directed Independent Study (including special topics course and dissertation hours) or an Internship as part of an international experience will have the international experience administered through International Programs.

Students participating in the Beyond Borders Cultural Exchanges or International Exchange Agreements have established procedures that meet the requirements of the policy.

Student International Experience Plan

The following non-credit programs require a Student International Experience Plan (SIEP): international awards funded through Florida State University (including the Congress of Graduate Students), international experiences through the Center for Leadership and Civic Education, Center for the Advancement of Human Rights and the Career Center, Registered Student Organization (RSO), university sponsored, university funded or faculty-involved non-credit international experiences, including international conferences.

To complete a Student International Experience Plan (SIEP), follow these steps:

Travel to High Risk Countries

Additionally, any university-sponsored program, group or individual, planning to travel to a location on the U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings OR Travel Alerts lists will need to do the following prior to having a SIEP approved:

Students who are traveling to a country in which they hold citizenship are not required to request an exemption, but are required to complete a SIEP.

Additional Support Materials

Blackboard site available for Sponsoring Centers

Sponsors can click here to copy and use a Blackboard site to provide their students:

  • Links to the pre-departure resources
  • A place for students to upload their:
    • Registration with the Embassy
    • Passport and visa (if required)
    • Acknowledgement of Risk, Verification of Insurance and General Release Form

Inbound International Experiences

Faculty can develop experiences for a group of international students participating in a special academic or cultural program at The Florida State University. To assist in the planning and obtain approvals, use the support materials found at Special Program Development.

The Center for Global Engagement provides immigration and support services to international students, scholars, faculty and staff.